Bodyweight Basics Video
12 Week

3 individual phases that explore all the basic patterns to build a base from beginner to advanced

40+ HD

All lectures and exercises are covered in a video library providing detailed instruction to apply the program


Any questions or queries during the program can be asked on the forum so you’re never stuck


Lifetime access to any future developments and updates to this program as it progresses periodically

The basics are not just for beginners, this program can be implemented effectively at all levels. The program will work well for:

  • Beginner bodyweight athletes looking to build general strength, muscle mass and base for future advanced skills
  • Intermediate to advanced bodyweight athletes requiring a “refresher” program periodically to ensure base strength is maintained, hit through plateaus in strength, skills or remain injury free

Bodyweight Basics is designed for a wide range of athletes but there are minimum requirements to get the most out of the program, these are:

  • 6 pull ups
  • 8 parallel bar dips
  • 10 bodyweight rows
  • 12 push ups

This program is designed to strengthen the fundamental upper body patterns of bodyweight training however there are four key goals that this program is designed to prepare the body for:

  • Handstand push up
  • One arm chin up
  • Planche
  • Front lever

Bodyweight basics requires a minimum of 2 sessions per week and each training session will last 60-90 minutes depending on the phase.

No! This program focuses solely on developing the upper body as most goals in bodyweight training are not lower body focused.

Yes! The first update for this program on January 1st 2019 included a flexibility module that can be added to training sessions to improve upper body flexibility.

Yes! Bodyweight Basics is designed to build both strength and mass through all phases of training providing a caloric surplus is maintained.

Whilst this program is designed around bodyweight training there is a liberal use of weighted exercises throughout all workouts and phases. To perform this program fully you’ll need:

  • Pull up bar
  • Adjustable horizontal bar or gymnastic rings
  • Parallel bars
  • Dumbbells / weights

Yes! This program is the basic strength work for bodyweight training. It is complimented well with skill training like handstands, leg training and other sporting activities.

Before Bodyweight Basics After Bodyweight Basics

Bodyweight Basics enabled me to build relative strength and muscle faster than I ever had done so before. With all the misinformation out there on the Internet, it's practically impossible to find a clear solution that allows you to progress effectively while remaining injury free. Bodyweight Basics is the hidden gem that anyone who is looking to build their bodyweight base NEEDS!
Jake Gay

After recovering from an injury, Bodyweight Basics has put me back on track and improved both my strength and size while still being challenging and fun (and best of all remaining injury free). The overall volume in the week helps a lot too: cut me down from working out three times to twice a week (upper body) and I'm making progress at a faster rate than I did before. This will always be my go-to program and one I’ll recommend to any calisthenics athlete, beginner or intermediate.
Alex Spadaccino

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