Bodyweight Basics is focused on the preparation and development of bodyweight skills and strength. The pinnacles of this being the planche, front lever, handstand push up and one arm chin up. These should be considered the various peaks of Mount Bodyweight. The higher these peaks, the wider the base that supports them; this is what Bodyweight Basics is designed to do.

  • Build strength in fundamental bodyweight movement patterns
  • Build muscle mass, condition tendons and other morphological changes
  • Address weak links to maximise strength potential and reduce injury risk

The basics are not just for beginners, this program can be implemented effectively at all abilities. It will work well for:

  • Beginner bodyweight athletes looking to build general strength, muscle mass and base for future advanced skills
  • Intermediate to advanced bodyweight athletes requiring a “refresher” program periodically to hit through plateaus in strength, skills or remain injury free
12 Week

3 individual phases that explore all the basic patterns to build a base from beginner to advanced

40+ HD

All lectures and exercises are covered in a video library providing detailed instruction to apply the program


Any questions or queries during the program can be asked on the forum so you’re never stuck


Lifetime access to any future developments and updates to this program as it progresses periodically